Here you can download the source code of the time-resolved renderer described in the paper "A Framework for Transient Rendering". It contains a fully functional transient renderer based on Bidirectional Path Tracing, including the sampling functions described in the paper. If you use this code, please reference the following paper:

"A Framework for Transient Rendering"
Adrian Jarabo, Julio Marco, Adolfo Munoz, Raul Buisan, Wojciech Jarosz and Diego Gutierrez
ACM Trans. Graph. 33, 6 (2014)
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In addition to scalar light, the code supports for polarized light based on Stokes vectors, as described in the paper "Bidirectional Rendering of Vector Light Transport ". If you use this additional features, please reference also the following paper:

"Bidirectional Rendering of Vector Light Transport"
Adrian Jarabo, Victor Arellano
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 37(6)
@Article{Jarabo2018bidirectional, title = {Bidirectional Rendering of Vector Light Transport}, author = {Adrian Jarabo and Victor Arellano}, journal = {Computer Graphics Forum}, volume = {37}, number = {6}, year = {2018}, }

The code is self contained, with no additional libraries needed. We have tested it in Windows 7, Windows 10, and Ubuntu. It includes Cmake scripts for easy building. Also, note that the system can contain some bugs. Please report any found issue at: ajarabo AT unizar DOT es .