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Conference Paper
[RP-84-09] Martínez, J, Silva M.  1984.  A language for the description of concurrent sytems modelled by coloured Petri nets: Application to the control of flexible manufacturing systems. :72-77.
[RP-90-04] Martínez, J, Ezpeleta J.  1990.  The lift example.
[RP-89-05] Couvreur, JM, Martínez J.  1989.  Linear invariants in commutative high level nets. :96-114.
[RP-89-13] Villarroel, JL, Martínez J, Muro P, Silva M, Smith SF.  1989.  Merging artificial intelligence techniques and Petri nets for real time scheduling and control of production systems. :307-313.
[RP-84-04] Martínez, J, Silva M.  1984.  Modelling and validation of complex systems by coloured Petri nets. Application to a flexible manufacturing system. :122-140.
[RP-82-06] Martínez, J, Silva M.  1982.  A package for computer design of concurrent logic control systems. :221-226.
[RP-86-10] Martínez, J, Silva M.  1986.  Packages for validating discrete production systems modeled with Petri nets. :457-462.
[1345] Colom, JM, Martínez J, Silva M.  1986.  Packages for validating discrete production systems modeled with Petri nets. IMACS-IFAC Symposium on Modelling and Simulation for Control of Lumped and Distributed Parameter Systems. :457-462.
[1063] Ezpeleta, J, Colom JM, Martínez J.  1993.  A Petri net based deadlock prevention policy for flexible manufacturing systems. III Jornadas de Concurrencia. :199-233.
[RP-91-10] Ezpeleta, J, Martínez J.  1991.  Petri Nets as a specification language for manufacturing systems.
[RP-81-07] Martínez, J, Silva M.  1981.  A simple and fast algorithm to obtain all invariants of a Generalised Petri Net. :411-421.
[RP-81-06] Martínez, J, Silva M.  1981.  Sobre la obtención del conjunto de componentes elementales de una RdPG. :287-296.
[RP-86-08] Silva, M, Martínez J.  1986.  A software environment for systems design with HLPN and their implementations. :95-127.
[RP-86-09] Martínez, J, Silva M.  1986.  Specification de la Commande des Ateliers Flexibles à lAide de Réseaux de Petri Colorés. :85-96.
[1343] Silva, M, Martínez J, Colom JM.  1985.  STAR: A Software Tool for Validating Concurrent Systems. Programming - KTSG Technical Week. :74-75.
[1061] Ezpeleta, J, Martínez J, Colom JM.  1993.  Synthesis of Live High Level Models for a Class of FMS. 1993, IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics. Systems Engineering in the Service of Humans (IEEE/SMC'93). 1:589-594.
[RP-93-07] Ezpeleta, J, Martínez J.  1993.  Synthesis of live models for a class of FMS. :557-563.
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