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[CS-LNCS-92] Campos, J, Silva M.  1992.  Structural Techniques and Performance Bounds of Stochastic Petri Net Models. 609:352-391.
[RP-92-31] Esparza, J, Silva M.  1992.  A polynomial-time algorithm to decide liveness of bounded free choice nets. Theoretical Computer Science. :185-205.
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[1356] Silva, M, Teruel E, Colom JM.  1992.  Structure Theory of Non Free Choice Systems. Final Report of the ESPRIT Basis Research Action DEMON (Design Methods based on Nets) Covering the Period 18 June 1989 to 18 March 1992. :130-134.
[RP-92-26] Silva, M, Muro P.  1992.  Scheduling en celdas autónomas de ensamblaje basado en un algoritmo de tiempo mínimo en RdP. :55-60.
[RP-92-05] Silva, M, Muro P.  1992.  Petri nets in a knowledge representation schema for the coordination of plant elements. :271-276.
[RP-92-06] Sánchez, B, Silva M.  1992.  Response time approximation for the performance analysis of manufacturing systems modeled with stochastic marked graphs. :1000-1005.
[RP-92-10] Jungnitz, H, Silva M.  1992.  An aproximation method for the performance analysis of manufacturing systems based on GSPNs. :46-55.
[RP-92-12] Silva, M, Murata T.  1992.  B-Fairness and Structural B-Fairness in Petri Net Models of Concurrent Systems. Journal of Computer and System Sciences. 44:447-477.
[RP-92-13] Sánchez, B, Silva M.  1992.  Approximate throughput computation of stochastic marked graphs. Journal of Parallel and distributed computing. 15:282-295.
[State-of-the-art-93] Balbo, G, Silva M, Chiola G, Campos J, others.  1993.  The Timed Coloured Petri Net Formalism Position Paper. 14:3-60.
[RP-93-56] Couvreur, JM, Silva M.  1993.  A new technique for finding a generating family of siphons, traps and st-components. 674:126-147.
[RP-93-57] Silva, M, Vernadat F.  1993.  Introducing Petri Nets.
[ICTeSi93] Teruel, E, Silva M.  1993.  Liveness and Home States in Equal Conflict Systems. Application and Theory of Petri Nets 1993. 691:415-432.
[200] Teruel, E, Colom JM, Silva M.  1993.  Modelling and Analysis of Deteministic Concurrent Systems with Bulk Services and Arrivals. Decentralized and Distributed Systems. :213-224.
[ICSilv93b] Vernadat, F, Dicesare F, Harhalakis G, Proth JM, Silva M.  1993.  Practice of Petri-nets in manufacturing.
[ICSilv93a] Silva, M.  1993.  Interleaving Functional and Performance Structural Analysis of Net Models. Application and Theory of Petri Nets 1993. 691:17-23.
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[1363] Teruel, E, Chrzastowski P, Colom JM, Silva M.  1993.  On Weighted T-Systems. III Jornadas de Concurrencia. :293-312.