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Conference Paper
[GuLuMa06] Gu, X, Lutz JH, Mayordomo E.  2006.  Points on computable curves. :469–474.
[1299] Mayordomo, E, Moser P.  2009.  polylog space compression is incomparable with Lempel-Ziv and pushdown compression.
[AMMP08] Albert, P, Mayordomo E, Moser P, Perifel S.  2008.  Pushdown compression. :39-48.
[AMWZ96] Ambos-Spies, K, Mayordomo E, Wang Y, Zheng X.  1996.  Resource bounded balanced genericity stochasticity and weak randomness. 1046:63-74.
[1303] Mayordomo, E, Blanco R, Montes E, Mayo R, Alberto A.  2010.  Scalable Phylogenetics through Input Preprocessing.
[HiLuMaSDNCb] Hitchcock, JM, Lutz JH, Mayordomo E.  2003.  Scaled dimension and non uniform complexity. 2719:278-290.
[HiLoMa04] Hitchcock, JM, López-Valdés M, Mayordomo E.  2004.  Scaled dimension and the Kolmogorov complexity of Turing-hard sets. 3153:476-487.
[Mayo06] Mayordomo, E.  2006.  Two open problems on effective dimension. 3988:353–359.
[FeLuMaWUS] Fenner, SA, Lutz JH, Mayordomo E.  1995.  Weakly Useful Sequences. 944:393-404.
[1300] Mayordomo, E, Blanco R.  2009.  ZARAMIT: a system for the evolutionary study of human mitochondrial DNA.
[DGLMM05] Doty, D, Gu X, Lutz JH, Mayordomo E, Moser P.  2005.  Zeta-Dimension. 3618:283-294.