MATCH-Performance book published in our webpages

Fri, 26/11/2010


The PDF of the book 

Performance Models for Discrete Event Systems with Synchronizations: Formalisms and Analysis Techniques, G. Balbo and M. Silva (editors), Editorial Kronos, Zaragoza, Spain, 1998

is available now here.

MATCH (Modelling and Analysis of Time Constrained and Hierarchical Systems) was a "Human Capital and Mobility" initiative, sponsored by the European Union in the period 1994-1998. Its main goal was to foster the progress of qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques useful for the evaluation of parallel and distributed systems. A concrete result of this collaborative effort was the production of two books in which a comprehensive discussion of a Petri Net-based framework to model and analyze the correctness and the performance of complex distributed systems was presented. This book collects the Performance Evaluation contributions of the project.

The book was used as supporting material for one of the two MATCH Advanced Summer Schools, organised by the GISED Group, in Jaca, Spain, September 1998.

Researchers of the MATCH Project that contributed to this book were: G. Chiola (Univ. Genova), B. Baynat, Y. Dallery, C. Dutheillet, S. Haddad (Univ. Paris), G. Balbo, L. Capra, S. Donatelli, G. Franceschinis, M. Ribaudo, M. Sereno (Univ. Torino), A. Ferscha (Univ. Vienna), J. Campos, J. M. Colom, M. Silva, E. Teruel (Univ. Zaragoza). Additional contributions by B. Haverkort (Univ. Aachen), H. Hermanns, U. Herzog (Univ. Erlangen), J. Hillston (Univ. Edinburgh), P. Moreaux (Univ. Reims) were also included in the book.